Monday, January 5, 2015

2014 Skincare and Non-Beauty Favourites

Alrighty, continuing on (from my previous post), here are the rest of my favourites from 2014!

Skincare and Body Favourites 

Non-Beauty favourites

  • The collection by Chesapeake bay candle in cashmere plum (From Target) - Cashmere plum!!!  Burnt through half of it in two days. For me it's a perfect everyday sweet, cozy floral but mild scent.
  • Cozy nights candle - Also from Target. It's a warm, sweet and cozy but also musky. Really similar to Bath and Body Work's fireside marshmallow. I bought one for myself and showed my family and they all loved it. My sister bought one, got one for Christmas from our mom and I bought one for my friend for her birthday. Seriously so good! 
  • Gold cold cup by Starbucks - I love this! It's similar to that goldy-green duo chrome nail polish from my previous post and has divet-like details on it. Hard to explain, but it just looks so cool! 
  • Gold Cursive monogram mug from Chapters - Got this from my mom for Christmas! I feel so fancy whenever I use it :D
  • Celestial seasoning candy cane lane tea - It's minty green tea with a little vanilla, cinnamon and blackberry. But also has some depth thanks to the carob and chicory. So good I bought a backup for when I run out! Delicious hot or iced, with or without cream and sugar.
  • Sketchbook - I bought this at my school's bookstore in the fine arts section. It's perfect for doodling, list making, writing and pretty much anything, I've even glued pictures in it. It lays felt when opened, it's not lined and has paper that's quite porous (is that a thing?) so it absorbs ink well and I don't know.. It's good paper! I love this, definitely will be buying a new one when I finish it.

Other Favourites:

Movies and TV shows:
  • Guardians of the Galaxy - The movie was soo good! I'd even put it at the same level of The Avengers. You need to go watch it. 
  • Mockingjay part I - The first part of the closing movie in the Hunger Games series. Loved the books, loved all the movies and this one did not disappoint. Really curious how they're going to make the final movie (in the book, things got real intense real quick)
  • Criminal minds - it's creepy, it's dark, it ties in psychology with criminology. It's also a little corny. I love it.
  • Supernatural - also dark and and creepy, but definitely also goofy! 
  • The 4400 - Similar to the other Netflix show The 100, it's Sci-fi-y, action-y but kind of cheesy. It's about these 4400 people who have disappeared at various times in the last century, but all reappear in a ball of light, no different from when they disappeared and with no memory of where they were. Dun dun dunnn. Spoiler: some of them have powers! 
  • Terra Nova - similar to both those shows. It's set in the future where Earth is no longer habitable (overpopulation, global warming, no clean air, etc.),  the Shannon family travel to Terra Nova, a sort of parallel universe that is similar to the time when dinosaurs ruled the Earth, for a new beginning. Cheesy, corny, lots of dinosaur attacks, action, rebel "6ers", weird marking on the rocks that are "outside the fence", what more could you ask for? 

  • The Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling - I actually read this for the FIRST time this summer! I remember re-reading the first chapter like a million times, trying to get into it but never could. But since it's been almost a decade since then, I'd thought I'd give it another go. And of course, I loved it! I really want to re-read the series. So so good!
  • The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls - If you like a good memoir, read this. It tells the story (from childhood to adulthood) of a girl, growing up in poverty with parents that didn't really know how to be parents. They were definitely intelligent, artistic and were very interesting people but were not good with money or parenting. It opened up my eyes to the positive side of living in the streets and those who feel burdened by their parents. This memoir is so rich and just.. gives you all the feels. I recommend! 

  • iSleep Easy app - don't let the name fool you, this app is serious stuff. I've used this all year and it has seriously changed my life! I've always had difficulty falling asleep (and admittingly, still do) and this app has helped so much. There's 10 different guided sleep mediations, some are shorter and are "openings", then there's some that are the main mediations. You can also customize your own playlist (I usually make mine go on for a lonngg time), choose from different music for the background, you can have the music play at the end of your playlist and there's even a "wee hours rescue". It is a but pricy ($5) for an app, but for me, it's totally worth! My favourites are the "relax into bed", "sleep affirmations" and the "autogenic relaxation". There's also a similar app that's made by the same people that's free, if you want to check it out before you buy this one!

I hope you guys enjoyed looking back at some of my favourites of this year! And I hope everyone had a safe and fun New Year's! I spent mine diving in the world of bagel making! (They were a success!)

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