Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 Beauty favourites

Here's a look at all my beauty favourites (non-beauty favourites coming soon!) from this past year. I don't know, it kind of seems like there isn't that many, but I only wanted to share the stuff that I really really love. So here it is!

Next post will by my skincare and non-beauty favourites!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014 Recap

Hello all! I am back! I know I have been gone for a while (super long while) and although I do not make any promises of posting more often, I am definitely going to try! Looking back, my last post was in June and that's when things started to pick up. But starting July, things got intense. Basically, July-August I took what was (at the time) the hardest class ever - Biopsychology (Dun dun dunn) AND things were getting pretty crazy at work. It was pretty non-stop between lectures, studying, doing my readings, work, coming in early, staying late, helping train new workers, etc. Then in September I was back to school full time. Yeaaah, pretty busy and had some pretty tough times.

But, I will say this: This next year is looking pretty promising. I quit my job and am feeling hopeful I will get a new one soon enough. And I'm actually looking forward to each of my classes I am taking next semester! So yay! :)

Alright, now time to look back at the 2014 goals I had made myself the beginning of this year. Aint gonna lie, pretty embarrassed by how much I completed cuz… I didn't do much. But in my defence, as I said, this year… Wasn't so much my favourite :/ Let's start off with the things I DID do (and skip the ones I didn't do, but kind of lost interest in):

Join a club/class
I did this one! I joined the yoga club! And I loved itttt. It wasn't as social as I had hoped, but at least I went out there, tried something new and gained a new hobby!

Buy a new pair of shoes and a Jacket
Yup, I did this! I bought a rain jacket (can be seen here) from Target and it's been awesome! It's water resistant, black, long (covers the ol' butt-area) and awesome for layering. This jacket plus warm hoodies underneath has been what's gotten me through this super cold winter!

Buy a Plant
This one I absolutely did! I bought myself a cutie-patootie succulent just like I wanted! Only thing was that I dropped it and it fell out of it's pot so its roots were no longer all snuggly nestled in with the soil. I ended up throwing it away. Bummer.

Hangout with Victoria Friends
This goal was to push myself to "make the first move" and ask friends to hangout. Because probably they're waiting for me to ask just as much as I'm waiting. I did go to the movies a couple times with works friends and it was fun!

Visit my profs during their office hours
I had originally wanted to to visit ALL my profs, which I didn't do. But I did visit a couple of them to talk, and talked to them after class and whatnot so still more than usual. I still count this one as a success!

Try new Recipes
I made a cajun shrimp quinoa casserole, made some fried rice and other slightly-different-than-what-I-usually-make items. Didn't do something totally out of my comfort zone, but I definitely did try lots of new recipes.

Try a New Restaurant.
Yes, I did. Went to a new restaurant with some friends (who visited me from Vancouver!!) and it was really good! Perhaps not somewhere I'd rush to go to again (unless I suddenly got rich) but hey, at least now I know. And also got to eat some really great food!

Create a cocktail that I love
I did attempt this one. I tried a whisky sour for the first time and really liked it! I tried to recreate it at home, even tried it with honey liqueur and made my own sour mix (check out this recipe) and bought orange bitters. Buutttt, didn't create anything that I love. But I did discover a new wine that I love thanks to my friend Anisha! Does that count?

Okay, now onto the ones that I kind-of-but-not-really do and the ones that I did not do at all.

Do a photoshoot during the golden hour
Nope, didn't do this one. But still something I really want to do!

Paint my own curtains
I was actually pretty confident about this one. At the very beginning of the year I bought myself some plain white curtains and some black fabric paint. Almost a year later, that's all I got. I did end up putting up the plain white curtains, sans cute black polkadots. Oh well, I still have the supplies!

Talk to a counsellor at school
Another goal that I definitely still have. I really want to talk to a counsellor, career counsellor, academic advisor, someone in grad school… Just like.. a variety of people whose opinion I value, you know? I'm getting close to the end of my undergrad and still feeling pretty lost. I could use a second (and third and fourth) opinion.

Photograph someone
I suppose I technically did do this one, but not at all to the extent I was hoping for. I took pictures of my boyfriend because he needed them for his ID for work, I took pictures of my family around Christmas time, you know, the usual stuff. But I was hoping to do a legit photoshoot.

Make a Video
Heh heh, nope. Still something I want to try though!

Interview someone who has my dream goal
Still one of my goals!

Alrighty, that's that. I'm still trying to figure out the best way to motivate myself to complete goals. I think where I struggle the most is that I never want to be too hard on myself or create unrealistic goals or deadlines, then feel super bad about myself for not completing them. So I just end up giving myself too much time or go too easy on myself. Still need to do some experimenting, let me know if you have any tips! Until next time, talk to you guys later! :)