Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Apartment Tour!

Hey everyone! Hope you're doing well! You may remember me saying that one of my main goals this year was to get serious about decorating my apartment (here, here & here). And after over a year of living here (April 29 marked the one year!!) I can finally say that things are coming around! I'm definitely not 100% satisfied but really, I don't think I ever will be. So since my place was actually looking clean for once, I thought I'd snap a few pics to show you guys how it looks! Hope you like it :)

Here is the living room! 

A close-up of the coffee table. If you wanna take a stroll down memory
lane, you can check out an old tutorial for that little glittery box!

The entertainment system! Also, hello reflection

And hello souvenir cups!

FINALLY got together a gallery wall thing. I'm digging it ;)

The much awaited shelving system. Even to this day we are
 still organizing our stuff in cardboard boxes. But thanks
to this beautiful shelf, there's much less boxes laying around!

Here's a little close-up of the selves. I love all my
colourful stuff :D That beautiful painting up top is done
 by J. Slattum. Go check him out!

This is right next to the shelve.
I use it as an entry way type thing

And here is a view of the dining room from the kitchen!
 Here's the tutorial for that spiffy cube thing you see
in the corner!

Here's a close-up. This place is where I eat my meals,
do my homework, do my blogging, take pictures.
Pretty much everything :) 

Kind of a lame attempt at making a display,
but at least it has pretty colours :D

Here's an (accidentally lopsided) pic of my kitchen area.
Not a whole lot going on here

Here's my sink! I LOVE that little plant guy.

Here's ma fridge! I just added some (super old) food ideas
from Seventeen magazine for inspiration. Back in the day
 I was obsessed with this magazine, and this part
of the magazine was my faaaavourite

Sorry for the blurry pic, but I wanted to show you guys
my liquuor! Wooo! Whiskey sours have
been mah thang lately. 

Here's a little peak inside one of my favourite cabinets! I got
some tea, some coffee, some honey, some tapioca pearls.
All that good stuff.
And that's that! Maybe once I'm done decorating the rest of my house (hallways, bathroom and bedroom) I'll show you the rest. Down below I'll list where I purchased some of the things I showed you. Thanks for reading :)

P.S. You may also remember that I had other goals for this year and from these pics you can see that I've completed them! (Buy a plant, make a wall gallery, discover a drink I love and some other goals that I had that I haven't mentioned yet). So yay me :D

Shelving system thing, entertainment system & coffee table: IKEA
Curtains in living room: Target. Curtains in dining room: Walmart
Tray on coffee table: Target
Movie souvenir cups: Various movie theatres
Black lamp: Target
Black and white pillow on couch: Target
Black and white swirly drawer liner (seen in the kitchen): Walmart
Fake plant next to kitchen sink: Target