Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Hello everyone! This past weekend was my birthday and oh my, it was a good one! I spent the day doing what i love best, shopping! I got cute skirts, shirts, makeup, tights, necklaces, the whole shebang! Then afterwards I went out for dinner with the boyfriend at one of the best places ever where I tried a Honey Jack sour for the first time and I loved it! (I'm thinking I might be able to check this goal off! Read more about my goal here.) Then we ended the day off with some cake! Here are some snip bits of the day!

Lunch from Good Earth. Chai rooibos and a tomato, bacon
and avocado sandwich. So good!

Shopping at Forever 21. I ended up buying both
the skirt and shirt :) (also, haircut!)

All of the goodies!! Everything bought from F21, HnM,
sephora, Shoppers Drug Mart or Walmart

Free Starbucks drink! 

Necklace that I bought!

Black Forest cake, my favourite! Can't remember when I  got to
 blow out the candles on my birthday! ^-^

All in all, it was a great birthday! I hope everyone had a nice weekend too!

P.S. you can check out my birthday post from last year here

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