Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Makeup products I want to try!

Not sure if being irresponsible and spending money on things I don't need or... Buying things that make me happy and that's okay because I deserve to treat myself every now and then

Let's just go with the latter, eh? ;D

The way I think of it is this:
I had a hard summer and first semester because I was balancing school, work, moving out, paying bills, budgeting, adjusting to being away from friends and family and living with my boyfriend. I was feeling pretty broke and drained. So I really wanted to treat myself during winter break. And I did, but not as much as I would have liked/needed. I ended up working lots during winter break. So then in February I had reading break where my sister visited me (!!) and I got to visit my family too (:D). She ended up buying my this awesome protein powder, lululemon clothes and yummy food! I also bought me some nice things! I got an eye lash curler, mascara and other fun lovely things.
And then... I kind of just kept on buying things.
I did buy things that I needed like boots, work shoes, rain jacket (like I mentioned in my last post). But then I also bought fun things. And this sort of got me really into makeup again.
Like with clothes, I started buying makeup that I needed (proper eyeliner, mascara because I had ran out, etc.) But now I want less essential and more fun thing like a full coverage foundation (as oppose to my medium coverage), a bronzer and lipstick and pretty much everything. Yeaahhh... I know that I got to draw the line somewhere but since my birthday is coming up (March 8!) I think it's fair to buy myself some fun makeup!

And yeah, that's what I've been thinking about! Here are some products I'd love to try out!

MAC pro longwear lip creme in Till Tomorrow.
P.S. pic from here

NYC smooth skin bronzing powder
bareMinerals stroke of light
Tarte Amazonian clay 12-hour full coverage foundation
Revlon colorburst balm stain in deep rose

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