Sunday, January 5, 2014

Living decore inspiration

Laura Armenta's living room shown on A Beautiful mess aka my dream living room

Okay, so. One of my goals this year is to totally redecorate my living room. It's not bad right now, it's just very plain. We got a dresser type thing. A TV on it. Brown ish grey carpet. Grey rug. Dark grey couch. and that's about it. I want colour! And patterns! And comfy things! And texture! Basically, a whole lot more than what I've got going on right now. I have a board on pinterest for decor inspiration. And I've found a lot of common things with a lot the photos I've pinned. So these are some things that I would loovveeee for my living room!

A photo gallery wall
My walls are all so naked, i think adding lots of framed pictures would be the perfect solution!

Lots of colourful pillows
I think it's a great way to add much needed colour! Also take note of another snazzy photo wall!

A large black and white patterned rug
I've got this horrible brown ish grey carpet in my apartment and since I'm renting, it must stay. So the solution is cover it up with a rug! You may notice that in the first pic, there's also a black and white rug :)


A coffee table


A little nook with fun details


Among these things, I'd love to add colourful and/or patterned curtains, a proper entertainment system and shelving. We spend a lot of time in the living room so I really want it to be a fun and bright living space!


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