Tuesday, January 28, 2014


OKAY. I think I got this whole "30 day challenge"/get inspired project figured out. I had originally wanted to do a 30 day challenge where every other day or so, I'd do something new. Either that or each week or two try out a new hobby. BUT, I found out a way that I think works better for me. I basically came up with this long list of things that I want to do. I haven't done these things before but I've always wanted to. And the reason why I never did them was because a) they were (way) out of my comfort zone, b) I just didn't have the resources (not enough money, time, etc.) or c) I was just too lazy, or didn't think I could do it for whatever reason.

I wanted to share this list with you guys just to maybe help inspire you to do the things that you've been wanting to do but have also been putting off :) Also, if I post my goals here, I think I'm more likely to follow through with them. Also, what I really wanna do is each time I complete one of my goals, I'll post them here! Maybe I'll do progress posts where I can share with you that maybe I haven't completed my goal, but I'm on the way there!

So here is a lost of things I've been meaning to do for the longest time that I WILL do this year, with a little description.
(in no particular order)

Do a photoshoot during the golden hour
I really want to practice taking pictures, and I've wanted to do this for a long time. I haven't done it before because I'm too lazy to wake up that early but also, just cuz I didn't think my pictures would turn out that great. But even if they don't, at least I tried! And I'm sure at least some of them will be good!

Create a cocktail that I love
This is kind of a silly, just-for-fun one. I have yet to find a drink that I absolutely love, and I've never really experimented much with making my own. Maybe this goal isn't to create one, just at least fine one that i love.

Buy a plant
Plants brighten up your house so much! I've been obsessing over cute little succulents for the longest time but haven't been brave enough to get my own. My excuse has always been that I don't have the space for them, which is ridiculous, because I totally do.

Paint my own curtains
An overall theme you might pick up with this list is that I really want to do more crafty/creative things. They're really what makes me happy, so I really should be doing this more often! And I want to start tackling larger projects like this (even though it's still not all that big). I'm always worried that I'm gunna mess up and it'll be a huge waste of supplies, so I always stick with something small. But not this time, I just wanna dive in!

Talk to a counsellor at school
Not that I'm uber sad and upset or anything, but it's been something I've been looking into for awhile now. Each school that I've been to (3) I've looked into it, but never actually make an appointment and gone through with it. I think it's really important to talk about the big stuff that's going on in your life. Sometimes just talking it out really really helps. So I wanna try it out!

Photograph someone
I've only ever really taken pictures of myself or inanimate objects. I gotsta branch out!

Visit each of my profs during office hours
A super smart and good thing to do, no matter what. Even if you're not having trouble in that class, it's still a good idea to get to know your profs. I've always been way too nervous to do this.

Donate blood
Something I think people really ought to do, but have been too scared to do it myself!

Try a new restaurent
Even something this small, makes me feel a wee bit uncomfortable. I like going to known places, places where I know how to get to, what's on the menu, where the bathroom, is etc. There's so many places that seem awesome in Victoria that I want to check out, but haven't because of those reasons. So I should just check it out, because maybe, I'll find a new favourite!

Make a video
I've taken pictures, but never a video. A video seems so legit, i don't know. It scares me :P

Join a club/sign up for a class
So many benefits to joining a club or signing up for a new class. Mostly for the skill you learn and for the friends you make. Back in high school I was on the dance team, and at UNBC I was part of the sorority and did cheerleading. But besides those things, I have never joined a club or team to class or whatever. Must do.

Try a recipe that's totally different from what I'm used of cooking
I never really realized this but I pretty much make the same food over and over. I love the enchiladas casserole that I make. I also make it in burrito form. And quesadillas form. And chili form. Basically the same ingredients, but then I use a different carb and cooking process. I wanna try something different!

Get a tattoo
This one, I suppose I'm fine if I don't do it. I don't wanna force myself to get something that I don't love just to satisfy this goal. There is a tattoo I've had in mind for about 2 and half years though. I should get that.. Nothing really holding me back. I know what I want, I have the money. So why not?

Hangout with Victoria friends
The only person I seem to hangout with these days if my boyfriend. Which is fine and all, but it be nice to have somewhat of a social life :P

Vegan Mondays
Or Tuesdays, or Wednesdays, or whenever. It would be neat to try to eat vegan for a full day, once a week. I think I can manage that!

Buy a new pair of shoes and a coat
More of a to-do kind of thing. But definitely something I really should do but have been putting off.

Get a bikini wax
I think it would be fun! But I've always been too scared.

Give a piece of furniture a makeover
Another crafty thing I want to do, but have been too scared that I'll mess it up.

Interview someone who has my dream job or something similar
I love getting to hear how people got to where they are now. But it would be especially interesting and helpful for me to hear the story of how someone got to be the thing I want to be! Not 100% sure of what that thing is yet, but I'm working on it!

And that's about it! I have been adding things to this list every now and then and I'm sure I'll be doing this continuously throughout the year. I'm hoping that it'll be a snowball effect, where I get all happy and excited about completing one thing, that i wanna start on the next!

So, wish me luck and I'll check in later! :)

Friday, January 17, 2014


Have you ever had that feeling? I bet you have. You feel tired, bored, stuck and frustrated. You're not getting as exciting about the things that you used to. Well that's how I feel now. Maybe it's the courses I'm taking this semester. None of them really scream "me". In attempt to fix this rut, I tried to exercise my creative energy. I made bread, did fancy nail art, made sour mix, painted and made a poster. It kinda helped, but I still felt blah. And this got me thinking into what I really like to do and what I want to do.

I know that I love psychology and I should keep with that because it truly makes my happy. I love learning about human behaviour! (maybe not so much the history of it, like I'm studying now)

But what about my other hobbies? I like photography, arts and crafts, cooking and baking, blogging, natural remedies and nail art.

I thought I should spend more time working and practising each of these hobbies, and learning new skills. That way I can see what I like and what I don't like. Maybe I'm way more into photography than I thought. And I never knew that because I don't spend much time taking pictures.

And I wanna try new things. Maybe try yoga? Or decorating cakes. I want to try new things!

So I want to attempt a "30 day challenge" of some sort. 30 days of trying new skills? Or maybe do a new 30 day challenge each month?

Like my last 30 day challenge I won't be too strict, I'll allow myself to fall a little behind that way it's a less stressful learning experience.

So I haven't done too much researching or planning for a 30 day challenge but that's what I'm about to do. I just thought I'd let you guys know where I'm at!

I hope everyone's having a good week so far!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

More living room inspiration!

I'm trying to be more serious about about redecorating my living room. Instead of just pinning pretty picture, I want to start to make an actual plan and find specific things that I want to and can buy. I'm not quite there yet, but I'm slowly making my way there. Here are some little decorating pieces I'd love to ad to my living room! Everything is from Target (except for the first item, it's from Ikea). 

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Living decore inspiration

Laura Armenta's living room shown on A Beautiful mess aka my dream living room

Okay, so. One of my goals this year is to totally redecorate my living room. It's not bad right now, it's just very plain. We got a dresser type thing. A TV on it. Brown ish grey carpet. Grey rug. Dark grey couch. and that's about it. I want colour! And patterns! And comfy things! And texture! Basically, a whole lot more than what I've got going on right now. I have a board on pinterest for decor inspiration. And I've found a lot of common things with a lot the photos I've pinned. So these are some things that I would loovveeee for my living room!

A photo gallery wall
My walls are all so naked, i think adding lots of framed pictures would be the perfect solution!

Lots of colourful pillows
I think it's a great way to add much needed colour! Also take note of another snazzy photo wall!

A large black and white patterned rug
I've got this horrible brown ish grey carpet in my apartment and since I'm renting, it must stay. So the solution is cover it up with a rug! You may notice that in the first pic, there's also a black and white rug :)


A coffee table


A little nook with fun details


Among these things, I'd love to add colourful and/or patterned curtains, a proper entertainment system and shelving. We spend a lot of time in the living room so I really want it to be a fun and bright living space!


2014 eh?

The other day at work I was writing out the date "Jan. 3rd 2014". I didn't feel right. It made my feel all "no... that can't be right. That must be wrong". But nope! It's January 2014. It really really is. On one hand I'm all about embracing to new year with with projects, goals and obstacles to face. On the other   (which is how I mostly feel) I feel like I need more time and that everything is happening so fast.

As you may know, I moved to Victoria last summer and was working part-time. Then in in the Fall I was still working but also enrolled in school full-time. Man oh man was I stressed. It felt like I had no time to do everything that needed to be done let alone all the things I wanted to do (like paint my nails, watch my shows, go on dates with my boyfriend, etc.) Thankfully after 2 months or so of working 3 shifts a week, I was working only twice a week. And that really helped out. By then I was pretty behind in class (or at least I felt like it) and was too late to really improve my grades. But for second semester (starting tomorrow!) I think (and hope!) things will go a lot more smoothly.

For the second semester I don't have any classes past 1pm so that gives me lots of time for homework, running errands, house chores, etc. And I did tell my boss that I'd like to work twice a week, maybe three times a week but we'll see how things go. So I'm trying to feel positive about the next few months, hopefully all will be fine!

It's just so bizarre knowing that this is 2014, I'm in my third year of university. I'm living in an apartment with my boyfriend, 3 hours away from my family.

I guess I'm a grown up now :/

How have others coped with moving out?

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New year's resolution

Happy new year to everyone out there! I've never really been that big on new year's resolutions. I'm more of a short-term goal kind of gal. For example, a goal would be to get an A on a certain test or to finish the laundry by the end of the week. This past year I did have some pretty big long term goals though. One was to move out and the other was to get a job. I kinda had no choice not to get those done though :P This year I'm going to try out some resolutions and see how they go!

1. Get serious about budgeting
This has always been a goal of mine but it was hard because I've never really had a solid plan. And that's usually because I never had a solid income. But now I do! I think it'll be easier to make a plan knowing exactly how much money will be coming in and going out.

2. Decorate my home!
This was a goal of the summer. It never happened. But to be fair I had just moved into my new apartment, wasn't working much and I was in school. I had little time aanndd little money. But I think the next little while will be different. This is also a big goal of my boyfriend. We want the house to be all set up with all the fixins. Or at least the living room and bedroom. So with both our heads (and incomes!) together I think we can make it happen!

3. Take more pictures and get serious about photography
It's something that's been on my mind for a long time. And now that I got an iPhone (!!!), I have a camera with me at all times and it's super easy to upload the pics.

And that's about it! Not sure if that's too many, or perhaps not enough. I'll see how it hows!