Saturday, December 28, 2013

My Winter break!

WHY HELLOOO THERE MY DARLINGS! It's been awhile. Here are some pics of my Winter break!

These candles smell soooo good! I bought two giant ones from Bath and body works :D

I made mint chocolate chip cupcakes!

Best hand sanitizer ever! It foams up (like hair mousse) but gets totally absorbed into your skin, leaving it soft and smelling so yummy! Also from Bath and Body Works

My super badly spaced out "Happy Holidays" sign

Got a free bag of popcorn, so I decorated my (first ever!) Christmas tree

Crafting table!

This is one of those bad-crafts-turned-good kind of craft. They were plain painted cleaned out salsa jars. Nothing too special. But then I added gold polka dots and a gold rim! Muuchhh better

I love making these kind of things!

On the ferry once again!

A sneak at the Christmas presents

Ferry food is the best (aka Triple O's)

The Santa Clause!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

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