Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Best Liquid eyeliners

Okay, I don't know what it was. But sometime in PG around halloween then again in second semester, I decided that I wanted to be the kind of person that wears liquid eyeliner everyday. I thought it looked so cool, so pretty and sometimes uber cute! Ever since then I've tried some great eyeliners. I've been pretty lucky, actually. I've never really had a really bad experience with liquid eyeliner (except for mishaps when I was in high school... But that doesn't count). So here are some of my favourite and not so favourite liquid eyeliners!

But first, I thought I should mention that the number one thing I look for in an eyeliner is how well it lasts. I aint gunna lie, I get kinda sweaty at work. Sometimes my eyelids, they be oily. My eyes water a ton. I need something that lasts.

Sephora long lasting 12H wear eye liner - 3.5/5 
short version: $12, thin brush, good for doing longer thiner lines. Lasts a long time but not at all waterproof.
long version: this eyeliner is pretty awesome (I have 4!). The brush tapers a bit, is thin and a good length. Not overly long, but not short. It would last all day but like I said, it's not waterproof. I don't feel like I really have the right to criticize this eyeliner for not being waterproof when it's not supposed to be. Butttt.... I dunno, it's really really not waterproof :P I find that if I get even a teeny little tear, everything is ruined. I do find that my eyes water easily though (cooking, wind, yawning, etc. will make my eyes water a lottt). But if your's don't, I'd give this a try!

Stila stay all day waterproof liquid eyeliner - 2.75/5
short version: Good brush, easy to use, on the more expensive side ($26), dried out quickly
long version: Okay, I had high hopes for this one. After doing some research, I found awesome reviews about this stuff. The first time I used it I was pretty happy. Not overly impressed, but I thought that it was good and could understand why others loved it so much. I did find it hard (ish) to make a thick bold line (like I liked; seemed like it was designed to make thinner lines). After only a few days I found that it was drying out. I shook it before I used it like I was supposed to and always put the lid on if I wasn't using it. But the colour just wasn't as opaque as the first time I used it (or as opaque as other liners). Then a few more days later, there was barely any juice left for doing my eyeliner at all. For it's price ($26), I wouldn't buy again.

Makeup forever aqua liner - 5/5
short version: expensive ($27), stays all day, super water/sweat/smudge proof
long version: This is my all time favourite eyeliner. I've bought it over and over and have always loved it. The colour is super opaque and it lasts alll dayyy longgg. Accidentally rub your eyes? Get a little teary eyed? Have a long sweaty day at work? No problemo! This stuff stays put. Well maybe if you put on too much and have a crazy active day, it might start to flake off, but I think that's forgiving. Also, I do wish the brush was a little bit longer so it'd be easier to make a long line. But again, I forgive it. It's its lasting power that really makes it.

Wetnwild H20 proof liquid eyeliner - 4/5
short version: cheap ($8), waterproof, long lasting, thick (and kinda weird) formula
I was suuuper skeptical of buying this. Wetnwild waterproof? Nuh-uh, no way. But I'm on a budget and I was in need so I thought I'd try it out. I was super impressed! It really is waterproof and does last all day. The brush could be better (longer and more tapered) and the formula could be improved as well. I found it very thick (so it took very long to dry) and sort of a little bit made my eyelids sting. I wouldn't recommend this if you have sensitive skin. But despite these flaws, it's awesome lasting power and low price makes this something I totally would buy again!

(P.S. all this was shot with my new camera! [well I my boyfriends old camera] I can't wait to practice  taking more pictures with it!)


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