Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Ahhh August... The end of summer, the transition from warm weather to cool breezes. Getting ready for school and buying scarves and sweaters. I normally LOVE this time! But since I was busy this summer with moving to Victoria, trying to find a job, budgeting, getting used to living on my own, etc. It feels like I never really fully took advantage of the summer. So if I start getting ready and all excited for the fall, it feels like summer is over. But I don't wanna think like that, I don't want to think that I've waisted my summer. So to me, summer is still going on! And will still be going on until the second week of September or so. So here you go, a summer wish list filled with fun colours, patterns and other summery goodness! (Plus one pair of autumn-y pants, I couldn't help it ;)

Cupcake Contest Shoulder Bag

The Good Ole Maize Bag in Mint

Polka dot Purse

Knot too shabby pool float

High-waisted polka dot tankini set

High-waisted jeans

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