Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Shoe makeover!

Howdy! Awhile back I bought these black flats to wear to an interview. They were a bout 8 bucks and super plain. I just needed plain somewhat nice shoes for interview-type things. I thought that I could wear these for days I wanted to be a bit dressier, but still casual also. But they were just too plain-jane for me. So I decided to spruce them up a bit!

See what I mean? Rather plain. They do have a nice bow, but you can hardly tell since it's the same colour as the rest of the shoe.
I first taped around the area I wanted to paint
Being sure to tape right underneath it
After one coat the bow got much lighter, but not light enough
After the second coat it again, got much lighter, but not light enough
I think I did one last coat before I removed the tape. Much better!
And then I snipped the bow for added cuteness :)

As you can probably tell from the lighting in the photos, this little project took a full day to do (well afternoon to evening that is). The only reason why it took so long was to let the paint dry.

I was thinking of maybe adding a scalloped line on the back in white also!  Or maybe black polka dots do the bow, the possibilities are endless!

Happy crafting! xoxo

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