Friday, July 5, 2013

Gem stone things?

Heyo! Awhile back I was all stressed and freaking out. So of course, I grabbed my craft box. Wasn't sure what I'd end up with but I kept at it. In the end I got these cool gem stone thingies. Still not too sure what do do with them yet, I'm sure I'll find a use for 'em!

I used:
  • paint chips
  • reflectively card stock (this came with my ice cube tray!) or you could just use more paint chips
  • Scissors 
  • glue stick

(You don't need the string [pictured], unless you're making garland)

Start my cutting the paint chips into rock shapes.
Kinda like a circle, but with 6 or so straight snips going around

Next place your gem things onto the reflective card stock and cut along the gem either leaving a bit of space or no space at all. For the ones that I that I didn't leave any extra space, I trimmed the relfective card stock so it's smaller than the paint chip.

Using glue attach the paint chip gem with the reflective gem. And you'll have something that looks like this! Some with a relectivey outline, and some with a reflectivey centre! Then some without any reflectiveness (cuz I run out :P)

I can see these on some organizing box or maybe on the back of a chair or something. Or as cute garland!

Ta-da! Pretty neat, huh? And super duper simple. Hope you all liked this simple tutorial and have a fabulous Friday!

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