Friday, July 5, 2013

Cherry Blossom/Arizona nails

Inspired by the oh so well known and oh so tasty Arizona iced tea bottles. And also kind of inspired by MissJenFABULOUS's mix n match nails.

I painted my nails white and let them dry
Then painted turquoise and white onto a sponge, and dapped it into my nails
Once that was dry I used a black nail art pen to draw on the tree
I then used a small dotting tool and pink nail polish to make the flowers
Then added a tiny bit of black in the centre of the flowers, using an smaller dotting tool

For the striped nail I painted my nail white, let it dry completely
Then cut tape into thin stripes, put them on my nails, spacing them out evenly
Then painted black on top then took of the tape

Add a top coat once everything is dry and finito! :)

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