Sunday, June 23, 2013

Ombre and stripes

Hello hello again to you all. Here's a tutorial for fun summery nail art :)

Step 1: grab material
White (not pictured), orange, pink and yellow nail polish, a white nail striper (also not pictured.. oopsies) makeup sponge cut in a little cube (the same same size as your nail) and a paper towel (for messiness).

Step 2: put on entertainment of choice :)
I chose Whose line is it anyway, thanks YouTube!

Step 3: Apply white nail polish

Step 4: Ombre
Paint on the orange, pink and yellow nail polish in stripes into the sponge, then dab onto nail. Do this for each nail.

This is one coat anddd....

This is two coats of the ombre. The choice is your's my friend.

Step 5: add stripes
Using a white nail striper, add two vertical stripes spaced out evenly.

Then add diagonal lines in between, in alternating directions. Comme ca!

Repeat for all your nails, add a top coat and it's done!

I hope you enjoyed this look! And if you're wondering why there's a bit of polish on my middle finger that I didn't take off, it's because I had a cut there and didn't feel like rubbing a Q-tip dipped in nail polish on it :P Here's a list of some things that might help you out!

MissJenFABULOUS's video on how to do ombre nails

cutepolish's how to make a nail striper 

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