Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Life lately (minus the pictures)

Life's been craazzyyyy! Okay no, not really. It's just been quite busy, and felt sort of "all of a sudden". A couple weeks ago I was just minding my own business, doing my readings, having work once a week then BOOM! School then work right after. Then BOOM! Work again. And BOOM I got a presentation and a final this week and my paper is due next week already! Ahhhh! So, the last few days and the next few days I've been up to and will be up to...

  • Studying at the library
  • Meeting up with my group to work on our project
  • Making bread
  • Work
  • Accidentally staying up too late watching Lost
  • Wanting to visit family, but being too busy
  • Trying to figure out my program requirements and which courses to take next semester
  • Day dreaming about being done this semester

And yeah, that's about it :P Keep in mind that I'm not all crazy stressed and freaking out. It's just that I'm not used of being so busy. But I think I'm handling it well :)

I'll be back to make another "Life lately" post but with pictures! 
Take care everyone! xoxo

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Ombre and stripes

Hello hello again to you all. Here's a tutorial for fun summery nail art :)

Step 1: grab material
White (not pictured), orange, pink and yellow nail polish, a white nail striper (also not pictured.. oopsies) makeup sponge cut in a little cube (the same same size as your nail) and a paper towel (for messiness).

Step 2: put on entertainment of choice :)
I chose Whose line is it anyway, thanks YouTube!

Step 3: Apply white nail polish

Step 4: Ombre
Paint on the orange, pink and yellow nail polish in stripes into the sponge, then dab onto nail. Do this for each nail.

This is one coat anddd....

This is two coats of the ombre. The choice is your's my friend.

Step 5: add stripes
Using a white nail striper, add two vertical stripes spaced out evenly.

Then add diagonal lines in between, in alternating directions. Comme ca!

Repeat for all your nails, add a top coat and it's done!

I hope you enjoyed this look! And if you're wondering why there's a bit of polish on my middle finger that I didn't take off, it's because I had a cut there and didn't feel like rubbing a Q-tip dipped in nail polish on it :P Here's a list of some things that might help you out!

MissJenFABULOUS's video on how to do ombre nails

cutepolish's how to make a nail striper 

Monday, June 17, 2013


Flouncy floral dresses, beautiful blooming flowers, neon nails, hula hooping evenings, strawberry sangria... summer is here! And so is my lame attempt at alliteration :) The weather has been great (aside from a few rainy showers) and I can't wait to soak up some more sun!

Here are some of my summer goals!

  • Read! Preferably 20 books but more realistically... maybe 4
  • Get me a hula hoop and start hoopin'! Really excited for this one! Hoping to buy one in the next week, eeee! :D
  • Go camping
  • Do some family vacay-ing
  • Go to Granville Island
  • Explore some victoria parks
  • Go wine tasting!
  • Go on many picnics with boyfriend 
  •  Either buy local art or paint something myself and hang it up
  • Fully decorate the living room
  • Do some serious crafting! I'm thinking pillows, curtains and a wind chime
  • Make popsicles 

And that's about it, for now anyway :) Here are some super cute summer clothes I wish I had!

This dress is beyond amazing!

These would look super cute with that romper, and probably anything else

Never really been into oxfords, but these cut-out flats might just convert me

I'm loving the crazy colours and pattern of this cropped top!

Another thing on my summer goal list, to fine a cute casual romper, like this one!

Yay for dresses, cropped tops, cute shoes an rompers! Can't wait to buy more summer clothes. Hope everyone had a great weekend :)

Friday, June 7, 2013

Glitter nail box

Since I do my nails so often, I thought it be a good idea to keep my nail stuff at my desk. I wanted to keep all the necessities in a convenient spot. Here's what I came up with:

Glitter Nail box

I keep my Burt's Bees lemon butter cuticle cream, Burt's Bees shea butter hand repair cream, OPI nail envy, nail clippers and a nail buffer in it. After I take off my nail polish, or when I'm prepping to do my nails, I just grab this little box and I've got everything I need!

Here's what I did to make it:
  • Plastic box
  • Mod Podge
  • Glitter
  • Paint brush

Take a clear plastic box (I used the box that ferrero rochers come in) , wash it and dry it. Next mix together Mod Podge and glitter; you want it liquidy enough so it spreads nicely. Next paint the box, let it dry and paint again. I think I did 3 or 4 coats. Gather all your nail necessities and put in your new glitter box. And you're done! 

Thursday, June 6, 2013


These cocktail sticks are adorable! Maybe I'll make some for my house warming party :)

Kate from Scathingly brilliant got to go to The Office wrap up party! Her amazing experience is described here

This bookshelf is made by attaching boxes with those binder clips. Easy, affordable and looks really cool!

These waterproof paper coasters look so nice, and so easy to do

I am absolutely loving all of Lauren's outfits! They're so colourful and fun, plus her photography skills are amazing and she is so adorable! You have to check out her blog: Introvert's Introduction!

Life Lately

Ello all! It's been awhile. I've been keeping busy and trying to settle into my new life here over in Victoria. I've been working with my group for our really neat research project; we actually get to conduct our own research experiment! I also finally got a job (wooot!), boyfriend and I are starting to figure out how we'll decorate our currently empty living room and I've been making yummy fancy food lately! :3 We also had a lovely visit from my boyfriend's family, we spent the day exploring Victoria and then went to Walmart and they bought us some stuff for the house. And we finally got our mail key back, after it was lost for weeks! Also, boyfriend and I just celebrated out 2 years (complete with a Lost marathon and dinner at a favourite restaurant) :D

Super delicious lentil loaf.
Recipe from vegan stoner 

 Butterfly nails!

Yummy yummy chicken Alfredo! 

I thought I'd share our view form the dining room!
There's a rec centre and a golf course!

Hope you all you doing well! Thanks for reading :)

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Adventures in cake pop making!

So a couple weeks ago I decided to make cake pops! The process was really easy, but also really slow. You have to bake the cake, let it cool down, crush it into crumbs, mix in the icing, form balls, let them freeze, melt the chocolate, then dip them into the chocolate and let chocolate harden; a lot of waiting around. But they're still fun to make and turn out super cute!