Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Yessssss! After a few very crazy busy days, lots of money spent and many trips back and forth from Victoria to Vancouver, my boyfriend and I have found a cute little apartment to call our home!

The hunt for an apartment was not easy. We found one we really liked, but someone else offered more money... Another place was a scam. Another place (the place we thought we would get for sure) never even put our application through and they would never return their phone calls or emails! But finally, just this past weekend we found a perfect apartment and that same day, it was ours. It all happened so fast, but then, it had to. We were pushing it close with finding a place just 4 days before my first day of class. But we did, we made it.

Now when I say this apartment is perfect, it really is! It's so much bigger than the other places we looked at, it's less than a 10 minute walk to the mall and a good friend's place. Also close to another mall and the school. There's lots of windows and even a little balcony! There's been no problems with it being really cold, weird water pressure, appliances not working or anything like that. We are so happy here!

There is still a ton of unpacking, organizing and decorating to do. But soon enough, it'll be just right! Here a few pics of our little journey.

We took this picture right when we moved it. Check out that awesome circle window!

Packing the u-hall

Somehow we ended up with waaayyyy more forks than spoons

Unpacking. Messes everywhere.

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