Thursday, April 18, 2013

want want want

As I anxiously wait for a reply about whether or not we get that apartment I shall make a list of things I can't believe I still don't have. I just want them so baadd! D;

  • Icing bags! And all of them tips
  • An iPod Touch. Yes, really! Wifi when it's around, helpful apps, awesome camera, lots of space for music... And since it's not a phone, there's no monthly bill! Perfect for moi!
  • Green nail polish. I have mint, spring green and teal but no actual green green! I want a medium-dark kind of shade.
  • Tights! I only a few pairs and they're a necessity when all you want to wear are skirts and dresses and it's not quite warm enough for bare leggies!
  • Dresses! Always need more dresses
  • Skirts. I only have one skirt that I really like. Need more.
  • Matcha powder! I've ran out of this so long ago
  • Concealer. Okay now, this is a big one. For the last several months I've been using this tiny bit of concealer my sister gave me. Not quite my colour, but it works. And you know what I used before that? More concealer from my sister, also not quite my colour. I had been using it for so long that eventually it dried out and I always had to mix it with either primer or moisturizer! I used that one for so long I can't even remember the concealer I used before that. So, I am in need for concealer! 
  • Fancy shoes. Im the kind of gal that pairs her black chucks with every single outfit. Although sometimes I do switch it up and wear my leopard keds. And I like it that way. But sometimes, I wish I had something a little dressier. Like some cute black flats :)
That's all I can think of right now, but I'm sure there's lots more! This post was just for fun, hope I didn't bore you too much! ;)

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