Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Nail Polish!

Good evening to all! Quite a while back I bought this matte green nail polish. I remember seeing it in a magazine and really wanting it. Then I found it in the store and I knew it had to be mine! I thought it was really cool but for whatever reason, never really wore it. I decided to paint my nails with it recently and I fell in love with it all over agin!

OPI nail lacquer in gargantuan green grape - matte

And just this past weekend I bought this beautiful "feather" nail polish from Sephora with a gift card I got from my birthday. From afar it kind of looks turquoise, but up close you can tell that it's little pieces of blue and yellow and that the base is clear nail polish. I really like this polish, the "feather" bits remind me of confetti and turn my regular nails into "party nails" :D I did find it quite scratchy though, so adding a top coat definitely helped with that. For this look I painted my nails turquoise, then using a makeup sponge I added black to create an ombre effect. Then I added the feather nail polish on top.

nails inc. london - feathers in brighton 

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