Saturday, April 13, 2013

Kitchen Stuff!

Since I shall be moving out soon I have been on the hunt for super cute kitchen stuff! I've already started my collection since I first moved out a couple years ago, and then ever since then I've been slowly adding to the collection. Here are my most recent purchases!

I've been meaning to buy cool ice cube trays for eeverrr it seems and I finally bought some! I got smiley face and jewel shaped ones but I want more! Also check out that sweet Hulk spatula! Also the cute heart shaped silicone muffin cups. And it's all in nice salad bowl.

Here's a close up if this super adorable bunny bottle stopper.
And here are my heart shaped measuring spoons!

Also in my collection is a spoon with a smily face on it! The next few things on my list are paper straws (who doesn't want these?!), heart shaped cake pan, colourful mixing bowls and this amazing pasta server :D

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