Sunday, March 10, 2013

My birthday!

This last Friday was my birthday! It was a busy week filled with little outings! It started off with lunch with my mom on Tuesday at the super sweet Applewood in Delta. They have a whole bunch of scrumptious teas, super fluffy dinner rolls that are a third cheddar, a third plain and a third whole wheat - loved it! I had a spinach and cheese roll and a salad with lemon poppyseed dressing. So cute right? They even have coloured sugar in the sugar bowl! Oh, and I decided to kind of dress up :)

Thursday I had Japanese food with friends at my favourite Japanese restaurant: Akasaka in guildford. I made a reservation to make sure we got a booth! Every time I go here I make sure to get the asparagus bacon, soooo good!

Then Friday I took a day trip to Victoria with my boyfriend! We caught the 7:00am ferry (meaning I woke up at 5:00am!). We both got the Traditional Breakfast: eggs, meat, and toast! We also saw two groups of killer whales!

Credit: Lance Barrett-Lennard

Once we got to Victoria we first wandered the mall, but it was still early so nothing was really open. Next went downtown and spent a long time looking at all the cutesy shops. As we were walking down the street I spotted Murchie's! Every time I go to Victoria with my family I go to Murchie's but never eat there. So this time, I made sure to get some food! It was super fancy and super delicious! I had the Victoria fog and the Roma.

Then we headed to the next mall and spent a good time there (mostly in Toys R Us). Next, we headed to Uptown, a really nice shopping area. After that we went to Westcoast Waffles  and had the most amazing waffles ever! Boyfriend got the Pizza and I got the Johnny Mac which is with bacon, apple, brie and basil! Yummiest thing ever.

That day ended with catching the 9:00pm ferry, drinking hot chocolate and trying not to fall asleep then passing out at soon as I got home, just before midnight.

Saturday ended up being a beautiful sunny day! Me and my family went out for Japanese food for dinner. We were supposed to have Greek food, but the restaurant was sadly closed. After dinner I went to see Oz the Great And Powerful with my boyfriend. I wore this gorgeous dress that he bought me!

We also decided to pig out at the theatres! 

And that was my birthday week! Thanks for reading! :D

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