Friday, March 22, 2013

Life lately

Here are some things that have made me smile in last little bit :)

Went for lunch with my sister! It was like a "it's-still-kind-of my-birthday" kind of lunch :) I got a grilled chicken and brie sammich, an iced dark mocha and a chocolate and raspberry mousse tart! Yum!

My friend introduced me to this hilarious british show called My Mad Fat Diary. It's on youtube, check it out :D

This Easter poster I made! Complete with glitter :)

Being so tired and out of it that when my laptop said it had low battery, I tried to plug in the laptop charger to my phone. Silly. 

A french fry made its way into the hash browns bag. Thought it was cute :3

Leaving a tip in change in the shape of a smiley face :)

I hope you have a lot of little moments this weekend that make you smile! :)

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