Saturday, February 9, 2013

Valentine's day garland!

Yet another Valentine's day themed post! I've been meaning to make garland for the longest time and my mom has a bunch of paper punches that I've been meaning to use. But I finally got my hands on her heart shaped paper punch. So I made fluttery heart garland :)

I used Cue cards, heart paper punch, pink string and a needle

First make a whole bunch of heart shaped pieces of thick paper

Then cut a slit from the bottom of the heart in the middle going aproximately half way up 

Then take another heart and cut it down the middle from the top, again, approximately half way down

Then simply slide the two together 

Repeat! You can also add little pieces of tape to secure them in place

Next, with a needle and string, polk through all the hearts, spacing them out evenly

Ta-day! Heart garland :)


  1. That's so neat! You should make a bunch of different ones and hang them from your ceiling in your room!

  2. ITS SO SIMPLE AND SO FREAKING CUTE! And your nails match :P