Friday, February 15, 2013

Hair Cut!

Here's a story of how my hair works. Mostly, what you need to know is that my hair grows fast, incredibly fast. Okay. You may read on now.

First I get it cut short, real short. Like showing my ears short and I usually love it. But after a week or two it grows out a wee bit and I start to love it even more. Then a couple weeks later it gets a  bit longer, gets more feminine it makes for a whole new look, but I still love it. But then it grows a little too long and I start to not like it. Then it grows more, my bags get in my face and it is no longer a style, more like a mop. Then after it completely drives me crazy, I get it cut again! Then this repeats over and over and over.

This whole process occurs in as little as a few months.
The reason why I let it grow out so much that it drives me bonkers, is because if I didn't, I'd be getting my hair cut every month!

The last few times I got my hair cut, I got it cut too long so it grew out way too fast. This time I refused to make that mistake! So this time I got it cut nice and short :)

Here is the before:

And here is the after!

What do you guys think?
Would you ever cut your hair this short?

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