Saturday, February 16, 2013

Green Tea Latte!

Okay so, only somewhat recently I discovered the magic of matcha powder. It all started with the green tea frappe, then the smoothies, then the iced lattes, etc. Matcha powder is the best. It tastes delicious (except some people may think it tastes like dirty grass, like my mother) and it gives me energy without it making me feel all jittery and shaky and sweaty and weird (like coffee does to me). Plus tons of other health benefits that I'm not too sure of, so you can look dat uppp.

Anyways, here is how I (huge emphasis on I) make my green tea lattes.

  • Matcha powder (tea stores or Asian grocery stores in the tea aisle)
  • Vanilla
  • sweetener
  • cinnamon
  • Milk

First mix the first four ingredients in a little bowly

Then grab your super cute teeny tiny thought-it-was-useless-until-I-started-making-green-tea-lattes whisk ...or fork

Add hot water (not boiling, but quite warm) and mixy!

Then warm up your milk and add the Matcha powder mixture to the warm milk

Stir and enjoy! :P

Dear lovelies, what's your favourite weekend morning drink?

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